Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gras Rodriguez's LUNATIC FRINGE !

Congrats to my buddy Gras! She has published her first comic book, the wild and wonderful Lunatic Fringe. There's no way you would think this is a first effort. Gras swung for the fences with this one and she nailed it outta the park! Its a rock and roll fairy tale with some real life thrown in. Fantasy meets the streets of Pomona all the way to the Pacific Ocean! Surreal to the max!!

It started with a boy and a girl...and a heart and a game...

The life of a "normal" girl intertwines in a tale of love/hate and redemption.

Lunatic Fringe #1 TM and © Not Your Friend Comic Books. All rights reserved.


Oh yeah, shameless plug: I did a pin up for the book:


Anonymous said...

Good news. The Art and Story guys are starting another podcast!
Art and Story. Art and Story exteme. Art and Story live. Thunder punch Daily, Mark of the Beat, Punk cartooniist podcast, et all. Sat morning TV podcast. Art and Story Supreme. Requiem, Ghettomation, The history of Mod Culture (monkey mod site).
I was afraid, as you were, that the 700 podcasts a year had overwhelmed them and caused them to rethink it all. THe SMART move of course is to go to 700 PLUS podcasts a year! I think starting another series of podcasts and trying to get to an even 1000 podcasts a year is a reasonable goal.

o f l o d a said...

I like your pin up Jim! Looks great and I dig the noir feel to it. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Actually the ad for Art and Story Supreme says 8 shows a month but that is not the case. They don't come close their projected numbers.
Here is the record for August:
High Adventure Daily: August 18
High Adventure Daily: August 9
High Adventure Daily: August 4
If you count them up you can see it. So far this is 3 shows not 8 shows as the ad says.
I don't the Supreme Ad content says 8 shows a month but it's more like 3 or 4 as shown by the track record. So the goal of 500 podcasts a year will not happen.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan Burke,

By my count there are 8 High Adventure Daily shows posted for the month of August.

I'm sure Jim would appreciate it if this kind of disdain for Art & Story was taken to a more suitable forum.