I first started making cartoons because it allowed me a venue to express my love for drawing, making music, and making crazy voices. I've continued to create because I have to. No choice. This here is a list of pretty much every cartoon short I've done since the late 90's. A ton of weird stories and strange characters. Bask in it's grand magnificence and CLICK HERE TO WATCH SOME OF THEM ON YOUTUBE!
Mayhem News
Small McCartney
Okee Dokee the Clown
The Hamburger Incident
Happy Hills
A Night at the Dogfights
Get Your Groove On
Prison love
Precious Metal
4 Square
Chicken N Cigarettes
Stoner Girl
Mama, I'm a Thug
3 Little Homies
Up In My Grill
Come to Daddy
No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service
The Customer Serviced
Never Rat (On Your Homeboys)
Rotten Teenagers
The Fraudtographer 
Slip and Fail
John Henry Unicorn
DJ Disrespect
Seven Smiles
Day of the Unicorn
Alphanerd: Den of Thieves
New Wave Dentist
The Cougar and the Cub
Hittin' Switchez 
The Legend of Bobby Churro
Hard Crumbler
The Test Drivers
Some Like It Shady
Rod Rosse, the  One Man Posse