Sunday, January 17, 2010

Animation Getdown Pics!

Saturday January 16th, Geeks Comics, Whittier- I can honestly say the very first Animation Getdown at Geeks was a huge success. We had standing room only. A full house. Yup, the indie animators packed the place. It was a nice feeling. I wasn't sure how many people were going to show.

Me & Raul Aguirre, Jr contemplating our next moves. Are people gonna show up? Well, yes they did. Oh yes they did indeed. Nice!

Packed! This was my view from the "stage", when I kicked off the show with
"John Henry Unicorn". I played other 3 shorts as well.

It was like a Cartoonistas reunion! Yowza!

Our new animator buddies Dahveed and Steve, creators of Supa Pirate Booty Hunt. These guys dressed in costume and came out and did this crowd warming thing before their stuff played. Hilarious. Really warm, nice guys, too.

Me and the Romo being all smiley and such! Steve Romo is a life long good buddy and quite the artist in his own right. He colored my cartoons Securityman, Get your Groove On, and Chicken 'n Cigarettes. Color by Romo.

Raul Aguirre, JR and Luis Escobar manly friends. Two great dudes, one great event!

The insanely talented Rafael Navarro, creator of Sonambulo. Seriously, One of the most talented guys I know. Rafael got fan mobbed, seriously. Pretty funny to see!

I was SHOCKED to see my good friend Jose Cabrera back from Mexico! He was there for over a year studying and working through a scholarship. Jose is not only the creator of the Crying Macho Man cartoon strip, but I also named my latest character (the hitman) after him. Love the guy (and his wife Naomi is awesome, too!). Really glad to see them.

Scott Essman (bottom center) brought his voice actors along with him. It was great seeing them again. We played the Edge of LA cartoon fest in Claremont last year together.

Raul Aguirre's Che Guevarra t shirt cartoon in action!

Sal , owner of Geeks was a happy camper that night. Glad we could help.

..and YES! There was SEKO. Ted Seko!!

I have to say, Gras Rodriguez stole the show with her Granny toons and her Inland Empire Barbie shorts!

And there it is: The world premiere of my latest cartoon, Seven Smiles. Luis Escobar said it was his favorite of all my characters. Thats good enough for me. Thanks for everyone showing up. A big thanks to NUVEIN for providing the outstanding DVD projector and killer screen. You guys rock! Thanks again, Sal..... We shall GET DOWN again!


drew said...

Awesome jim wish i was there to watch

Anonymous said...

Glad it was so awesome. Cool beans. Great store.

Jim Lujan said...

It was a blast. At 7 pm, there weren't to many people there...kind of worried me. By 7:50 we had a full house. Note to self- start next show later.

Jahhdog said...

Jim caught the youtube's great! Good job on all the voices too...


Jim Lujan said...

Thanks! Had fun making it. SOmetimes its really nice being an independent!

manvsart said...

I had an excellent time! Thanks Jim! We packed the house! I was proud to show my stuff with you guys! Let's make do this again and again!

Jim Lujan said...

For sure. Next time, I think we should use a "setlist". This was one fun and really cool learning experience. We've already played TWO festivals together man! Lets make some more!!

LAravensfan52 said...

What a great night! Lets do it again soon.

Jim Lujan said...

Steve- I want to do another animation fest in 2010. I don't know where, but I'd like Nuvein to be involved again. The SALIBRATION is at GEEKS next and Dahveed are both invited to do live art! Details soon. ibited

Jose and Naomi said...

A super blast! Luv ya Jim!