Saturday, April 24, 2010

Come to Daddy Storyboards

Here is the finished product. Oldie but a goldie- Come to Daddy. Enjoy!

For those that dig the process: I came across some old thumbnail/storyboards for my old cartoon "Come to Daddy". Its the lovable story of a guy who falls in love with a stripper named Foxy Roxy (named after my cat Roxy). This is a good example of how I storyboard my cartoons (when I actually do). I stick to really sparse and low tech thumbnail shots with dialogue notes. Bare bones and no-nonsense 'git it done! I think visually and this is my best method for capturing the ideas and flow of the cartoons and having a map for planning the actual creation of the animation (uh.....Ghettomation!)

In my opinion, the quicker I can get the idea from brain to paper, the more pure the idea can remain. Sure, there are lots of happy accidents along the way that will change the creative roadmap, but for the most part, I need a creative vision to stick with that sets a solid foundation for the project. I also like keeping things simple in order to preserve maximum good times while creating. Call it A.D.D., call it jumping straight to the good parts, call it what you will. It works for me. I've tried creating different ways, different methods of prep, and this seems to work best for me.

There. I have shared a little piece of my method with you. I just wanted to show another side of story prep because I know there are lots of different methods of planning out your project. I wanted to share an easy approach. I also wanted you to compare the boards to the finished project. Feel free to let me know if this stuff is interesting, or if it the ramblings of a madman....or both hopefully.


o f l o d a said...

This is really neat. It's great to see how you work from start to finish. Your work has a lot of great energy even in the thumbs. Great Stuff. Thanks for sharing.

Sherm said...

A fantastic peek behind the curtain! Love your ghettomation, and seeing the process-- especially reading your thoughts -- is very inspirational. Thanks!

Jim Lujan said...

Thank you both. Sherm- Great show on Man v Art!

gonzalexx said...

Great seeing part of the process, Jim! Ghe-toh-may-shun!