Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sergio Aragones Museum Show

I attended the Sergio Aragones exhibit today at the lovely Ojai Valley Museum. Thank you Stan Sakai for inviting me. Everyone was more than wonderful and the art...well how many ways can someone say AWESOME? Sergio Aragones is a master cartoonist. Not only is Sergio a gifted illustrator, he makes furniture, sculptures, blankets, cooks, is funny, and has pretty much set the bar ridiculously high for me. My wife was quite impressed (thanks Sergio!)

Yup. That me. Right there. Sergio, Stan Sakai, me, and Matt Groening...creator of the Simpsons! (super cool guy). Its so nice when guys you look up to turn out to be as genuinely nice as you'd hoped. Kind of surreal.

The entry to the Ojai Valley Museum. Such a pretty place, both the city and museum.

One of the coolest parts of the exhibit was the walls. Sergio drew all over the place. He drew above the signs, around the framed Sergio art, on corners, around corners....all over! Not only did he draw in interesting places, the drawings were incredible on their own. The man is gifted. (No duh!)

They had a huge pile of Sergio's books through out the years. This is just a small taste. It's kind of cool, I own almost all of his mad paperbacks.

Me and Sergio down by the schoolyard (Paul Simon song pun). Thanks Stan, Sergio, and CAPS for having me be a part of this amazing day. It was truly an honor to be involved. I saw so much art and artists that I just wanted to spend more time with. Mind blowing! I'm sure you guys earned me some cool points with my wife. I know- you're saying " But Jim, you're already maxed out on cool points".... hey that's what life is about. Making room for the cool.


Kevin Cross said...

Dude, that is so rad! I'm sure you had a freaking blast! I'd love to talk to those guys about cartooning!

So... when are we getting those guys on Ghettomation?

Stan said...

Hi Jim. It was our pleasure to have you and your lovely wife as our guests. It really is a terrific exhibit. Here is my take on it:


dan said...

That is pretty freaking awesome. Wow. Sergio is one of the all time greasest.
Jim here is my new animated toon:

David said...

That is very, very cool.