Friday, July 10, 2009

A Kinder Gentler Jim (sort of)

I wan't to expand my audience (without losing my edge). Huh?!

Here's what I mean:

I will never renounce a single cartoon I've done, but when you add them all's a pretty twisted collection there. I need to balance my load. You can't always cook with salt, you need a little sugar to counter, right? I'm proud of my body of work. I think it's really good. I just want to experience the feeling of having a collection of cartoons that I can show anyone, regardless of age. I'm not changing my cartoon style, only toning down the creepiness that I purposely put in. The way I see it- the balance gives me more options. I can still play midnight shows, but also play to mixed crowds. Plus, "more accessible" cartoons will go with my existing weirder stuff. There's that balance word again!

In summary: New stuff coming. Less dark. More Funny.

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gonzalexx said...

Sounds like a great idea.
Now... maybe...
1) background cute/funny mini-action? <-more difficult.
2) intermediate funny scenes <- my vote
3) intermingled funny works between the salty works of art? <- you can concentrate flavor-wise.
4) or a general tone-down ? <-- nahhh!
How do you feed meat eaters and vegetarians from the same plate? hmm...
Regardless - your work is EXCELENTE!
Had go laugh at Mr. Rogers! LOL!
Hope it kicks the idea flow!
(oh... and what do you use on your site mechanics?... home grown code? hacked existing pages? or a specific web site generating app?... just curious).
I had not seen a comment window pop up on the few sites I've commented.

Jim Lujan said...

Thanks Gonzalexx. I'm not completely tonigh down, No way!

Javier Hernandez has the best quote when it comes to making my stuff more wide appeal..."Just don't put in the hookers and stuff, Jim!"

Randy Gentile said...

I love it... I think people don't give kids enough credit. They're smarter and more "edgy" than adults think they are. Edgy doesn't always equal creepy or adult humor. What kids are talking about and/or saying on the playground is probably more edgy than what adults are talking about at the office.

Adult Swim on cartoon network is pretty weird and out there stuff but it's still basically suitable for kids... certain suitable for a kid that would dig your art style.

Rock on, brotha!

Phillip Ginn said...

My philosophy is this: like what you're doing first. Don't do an all ages cartoon because you feel you have to. Do it because you want to. Same with any story you do.

Jim Lujan said...

Good point Phil. Because I want to. I don't think I'll be doing a DIFFERENT style cartoon. I just think I'll be keeping the "kids" in mind when I create. I honestly don't think anyone will notice. This decision is coming from the heart. Its something I FEEL.

Randy- "Edgy doesn't always equal creepy or adult humor."

Love that quote. I agree.