Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Animation Show pics

Thank you to everybody that came to my first animation fest. It was a blast. We had a good mix of folks. Thank you to Nick and the staff at the Pasadena Central Library. The Wright auditorium is BEAUTIFUL. It was a pleasure and an honor to show my low budget (but highly humorous) cartoons there. They looked great on the screen. Great brand new sound system there, too!

We started the festivities with a little mixer/meet n greet. That was fun. Hanging out with everyone and having friends meet other friends, strangers meeting friends, family meeting strangers, strange family meeting strange friends. You get the picture.

Yup...I even did a Q & A. I swear it wasn't staged! It was cool having folks I hadn't ever met ask me questions about the cartoons. We filmed a little bit of it and I'll post it sometime. Some of the cartoons I played that night were:
Mama, I'm a Thug
the Fraudtographer
the Customer Serviced
Up In My Grill
Slip & Fail
Chicken n Cigarettes
Stoner Girl
And a bunch more!

One thing I learned....DO NOT open the show with Chicken n Cigarettes, the saddest cartoon in the world (so says Scott Hinze)! The crowd was blind-sided by that one. There were about 3 people laughing hysterically during it, but the rest of the room sat stunned. It was a surreal (and innerly hilarious) moment. Not to be repeated. Gotta warm up the crowd before I show that one! Slip & Fail and the Fraudtographer got really good responses. I was happy with that, as they are my two most recent cartoons.

After the show we had a dinner at Burger Continental in Pasadena. So good! Love that hummus! Nissim Leon (pictured here) joined me along with family and friends and we ate, laughed, and boogied down until 4 am. Well, we ate and laughed.

My lesson learned for the night: I think I will tone down the cartoons a bit from here on out. Yup. I'm going to make them just as funny, but more for all ages. Maybe I'm getting old, but I like the idea of not having to warn my audience before showing my stuff. You heard it here first folks. Jim is SELLING OUT! Oh well. Thanks again for your support! More toons coming soon...and hopefully more festivals!


drawsumthincool said...

Wish I could of been there.

Jim Lujan said...

Me too! I could have used the laughter.

I kid. It was cool. I Am, however going to "lighten" my toons a bit. I need to be more all ages. At least mix it up.

Dan Burke said...

Having reviewed your work I have some comments. First, the cartoons and the writing are very good. The actual film making..the storytelling (film maker) is great. All of the "worlds" are fully realized. The pacing, transitions and the audio (especially the audio) is great. Come to Daddy is brilliant and well crafted. The people in all the films are also wonderful. You cast them great. Should you change to all ages comics? Or tone it "Down"?? I think you have a TRUE american orignal MAD magazine..if you throw away your edge?? it might be less funny. Frankly I WAS never offended. Good writing. Good film making.
You are have something very special here.
There are online DVD's services that do fufillment and it's POD. Or use a local firm and have them burn you 100 copies off a master. They should cost about $1.00 a unit more or less with labels.