Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Got 10 minutes?

This scene from the 1970s film SGT PEPPER"S LONLEY HEARTS CLUB BAND influenced my cartoons probably more than any other scene. I don't know why but the cheesiness mixed with an embarrassing coolness makes for sheer cinematic delight to me. I just love the cartoony nature of the film. Genius. Yeh, I said it.


Justin3000 said...

Jim, this is where you and I will have to diverge my friend. Couldn't watch it 15 years ago, can't watch it now.

But I love you all the same. Our difference are what make us great.

Will Caulfield said...

I can now say I saw 10 minutes of this film.

Who said a film needs dialogue!

I was waiting for them to sign the dotted line in their own blood.

This explains a lot.