Sunday, February 15, 2009

West Covina Library Cartoonista event pics

Thank you to Nuvein and the West Covina Library staff for helping us with this event. Everybody seemed to have a good time watching the live art and we all had a good time mingling with folks.

The kids were great. Lots of audience participation. I mainly did this "doodle game", where the kids start a doodle on a page and I make it into a finished piece of art...or piece of something.

Javier, Gras, Bernice, and myself were representing the Cartoonistas this grand day.

Here I am showing off my patented strangle hold. Um....not the best thing to teach kids?

We had 100 plus in attendance. Thank you to everyone that came out. You made it a great day.

Andrew, quite possibly the happiest boy on Earth. He won the raffle for this poster I created at the event. I better not see that on E bay, kid. More photo and Video can be found HERE!

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David said...

Great pics. Looks like a fun event!