Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Demolition Dove

I asked my friend Javier Hernandez to draw me a pencil sketch of his new character, Demolition Dove. Jav is a pencil master. His artwork looks so complete in just the pencil stage. Whenever I do pencils they look like blob figures or crazy shapes with no real definition. Not Jav's- as you can see Demolition Dove is looking pretty good. I asked Jav to draw in pencil so I could ink and color it, as an experiment.

With a little bit of Sharpie love and some photoshop razzmatazz, we have a finished Javier Hernandez/Jim Lujan creation. Demolition Dove in all his war torn glory. Jav's pencils were so complete that I had to just trace the page in ink. Inking over his pencils seemed like a sin. It was fun inking as an experiment. Are inkers just tracers? Well, thats a debate better settled on Crossfire or Celebrity Mud Wrestling. All I know is this inking was fun. Enjoy!

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