Wednesday, March 18, 2009

El Monte Mixer

The Cartoonistas were invited to do live art at the El Monte Chamber of Commerce mixer event. Free food. We were represented by (L-R) Javier, Me,(and Roxana. We did some drawing and mingled with the local businesses. Some cool prospects coming up for the Cartoonistas.  When they go into effect, of course I'll post the news here. 

 Roxana making art like art should be made...artistically! She's such a great addition to the Cartoonistas. Brings her own cool style to the mix.  I'm so glad we have Roxana, Gras, and Bernice. Its not fun having the Cartoonistas being a boys club. Girls RULE!

 Its just me n' Javi down by the schoolyard.  Photo by my lovely wife Leann. 

Roxana's froggy with guitar.

Javier's portrait of a guy that runs the business where the event was held (his name escapes me) the other guy...well, thats Elmo, silly. 

My Neon looking Driftwood Dairy. You can read up on the legendary (doomed to be torn down) dairy by clicking here. Man, what a waste. Such a cool landmark for the city of El Monte.  All in all it was a great show. The people were nice and the mood was festive. Oh...and free food, y'alls!

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drawsumthincool said...

That looks like a tasty sam-wich!