Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More Paintings!

 Man, When I get into painting mode ...I get into painting mode! I'm still a newbie at painting, learning new tricks all the time. I love it. I discovered very quickly that I can work fast in acrylics.  I lay down some flat colors, add some accents/shading, then make the paintings come to life with the good ol' sharpie.  Above here is my  work layout: Kitchen table, art supplies, and a laptop to listen to whatever music or podcast. This is relaxation. Below are the fruits of my labor. Each painting is 14X10 on canvas board. 


WATCH THIS (painted same sitting as Captain America)

IRON FIST SHAKEDOWN (painted the night before the other two). 

Why the mad rush? We have a gallery show coming up FRIDAY the 13th at the PASADENA CENTRAL LIBRARY 6-10 pm. These will all be on display. Its free part of Pasadena Art Night 2009 (Google it). We did the show last year and had fun, this year we are displaying (not really doing live art). Hope to see some of you there!


David said...

These paintings look great! Take pictures of your Pasadena Central Library unveiling? Please?

RandyG said...

feel free to mail me that Captain America when the show is over.