Sunday, May 17, 2009

Whittier Library/Hard Drive events

Saturday was double event day for me. First, with the Cartoonistas, I did a live art event at the Whittier Library. Later the same evening, fellow Cartoonista Gras Rodriguez and I did art at the Hard Drive electonica music event in Irwindale. Yes, a butt kicker of a day.

Whittier Library has a really cool interior. The staff was fantastic. The crowd was really good, too. We always have so much fun at these art events, the kids do too.
The usual art suspects: Javier, Gras, Jim, and Raul.

This was Raul's first library gig with the Cartoonistas. Hes done other events with us, but this was his chance to shine in front of the kids. They really dug his stuff. What a rockstar! Raul gave the kids some really good pointers about character design...and his booming voice kept them in line!

And now, onto the evening event....the HARD DRIVE (sponsored by Nuvein).
Even though I was pretty burnt out, I was able to tap into my inner Sergio Aragones and crank out 3 or 4 pretty cool (if I do say so myself) pieces. For some reason, I was just "feeling it" . The music was reeeeally loud, but I liked it.

Party peeps.

All in all it was a wonderful day. Thanks to Nuvein, Whittier Library, the Cartoonistas, the kids, the Hard Drive crowd, and to my wife Leann for her patience with all this madness!

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Raul Aguirre Jr. said...

Great Cesar Romero's ghostJim!
When do you rest!?
You're a trooper dude. 2 gigs and a sixty thousand mile bike ride! No mames!

Party peeps rules. IS that Miss Hilton I spy in the bottom right? If you did it on purpose NIIIIIIIICE! IF not tell everyone you did!!!!

Hechale Ganas!

Congrats on 100 Lujanitos!