Thursday, August 20, 2009

Harvey Kurtzman love!

Whaa? Jim's on ANOTHER podcast?! Sheeesh!

Aaaaah...the love. Mark Rudolph, co-host Art & Story Extreme- the Harvey Kurtzman tribute episode. Kurtzman, (one of the founding fathers of MAD) is a huge influence on both Mark and I. His war comics, Two Fisted Tales and Frontline Combat, coninue to be some of the coolest comics ever produced. Harvey died in the early 1990's but his effect on art and pop culture is timeless.

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Dan said...

Hey Jim
Great Harvey show. I did several shows on Harvey and I am a big fan.
I have a comic to send you full of Kurtzman-esque cartoons. Send me an address and I will ship you the comic. As a Kurtzman fan you will love it. No Kurtzman fan should be without it.--Dan