Friday, September 4, 2009

Hernandez Trifecta Coloring Contest of Champions!

The Contest: Color this image I created for Javier Hernandez (his Trifecta of characters: Demolition Dove, ManSwamp, and El Muerto)). Go to JAVZILLA.COM for contest rules and submission details and deadline.

Me doodling on the prize package box. What a rockstar, huh?

THE GRAND PRIZE: King Size El Muerto #1, MAN-SWAMP #1 (featuring DEMOLTION DOVE back-up story), THE HUMAN FLY #1 from Marvel Comics!!, 3 buttons featuring El Muerto and Demolition Dove, a Dixon Ticonderoga pencil (just like Jav uses!)so you can make your own comics, EL MUERTO DVD (featuring the Javier Hernandez/Mort Todd exclusive El Muerto mini-comic).Javier will autograph all comics and DVD. Some bonus items will be added as well to the package! And if all this wasn't enough, Jav and I will doodle all over the package it comes in! Yup! You are NOT dreaming...this is REALITY! WoooHooo!!


Javier Hernandez said...

Hey Jimmy, just between you and me: Do you think I could enter the contest? Or would that be conflict of interest? Hmmm.....

Greenblatt the Great! said...

I can't believe Javy is parting with HUMAN FLY # 1! That must be tearing him apart! Dig that Milgrom cover, man!