Monday, October 5, 2009

2nd Annual Nuvein Comic Book Show-SATURDAY!

I'll be there doing live art!

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Anonymous said...

Another find show. Export JPEG out of PSD. Break it apart (command) in Flash. Then you can separate, and create symbols out of any part of your bitmap image (like arms and syses and mouths) Then you can put that symbol on it's own layer and animate it. So you can animate any part of the bitmap image, once broken apart, on it's own layer. This is the FAST and easy way to animate a bitmap image and break it apart into animatable parts.
You can trace a bitmap image in FLASH, break it into parts, and achieve the same result except now the art is a vector.

I have a video tutorial on lip sync and walk cycles (about 4 minutes) so you can learn that fast as well. Don't struggle. This workflow is very easy to use. Draw on paper, scan, then animate in FLASH.
"Breaking apart the images" in FLASH is the step you are missing. Good luck animating.