Friday, October 30, 2009

My El Tepeyac trip

Last week, Me and my good buddy Javier Hernandez took a trip over to beautiful Boyle Heights, CA (hometown of the legendary singer Nissim Leon). We had a mission: Get to Manual's El Tepeyac. The original. And there she was. What an awesome historical site.

Me and Jav in line. Oh yeh, we waited in line. About 20 mins. I was hungry when we got there and I was starved when we got through the door. Luckily, we had Manual to entertain us in line. That guy is quite the Casanova with the ladies. Smooth like Colt 45.

Once we got in, it was wonderful mayhem. So crowded, so loud. Lots of fun. This place just reeks of history.
Boo-Yah! The Hollenbeck. Need I say more?

And there he is. The legendary Manual. Thanks for the great food and great culture of El Tepeyac. My Dad used to come here in the 60s. He actually grew up in this neighborhood and knew Manual since the 40's , I do believe. He would always stop by when on lunch when he worked for the LAFD. The last time I was here, Manual gave us tequila shots while we waited in line. He said "Hector, it's so good to see you..etc" to my Dad. That was very cool. I hadn't been to El Tepeyac for about 10 years. I forgot how OUTSTANDING the food was. Oh man. Good stuff.

I had a good time and am still food drunk and full of the Hollenbeck.


Miss Go Lightly said...

El Tepeyac rocks! Worth the wait! Great pics and post Mr. Lujan! :)

Javier Hernandez said...

Jimmy, that was one crazy meal! Good to eat there at least once a year, ya know?! And with company like you around, all the more enjoyable!

Christina said...