Monday, November 16, 2009

the Day of the UNICORN has ARRIVED!

At last my brothers (and sisters).....the Day of the Unicorn has arrived! Find out what happened the the Rev John Henry Unicorn after the first movie. Guaranteed to send chills up your spine and put a giggle in your tickler. At first, I debated if I should post the entire version, I mean, it IS a 9 min epic.....but....You deserve it.

I give to you the FULL Unicorn. Enjoy!


vic said...

Thank you for this!

Anonymous said...

LOL...well Jimbo this was worth the wait. Funny as hell. And tight story. The transitions..from this to that were great. Loved how it want backwards in time.
The art was super. The characters are terrific.
Your Film making gets better, all the time. This was a great cartoon.
This character (John Henry) is really charismatic. Watching him in this one was great. Enter the Playboy animation contest and pick up $10,000. This is a winner. Thanks for a superb show. You are the real deal.

Jim Lujan said...

Thanks! This one was fun to do. I'm getting all "epic", as you can see. It good stuff. Thanks for watching!

Greenblatt the Great! said...


Holy, Jim! You've gone ape-droppings on this one! This is like the epic prequel origin story with an apocalyptic prison scene straight out of Sekoland!

Love the official theme song! Got that creepy '70s Exorcist/Omen vibe. Brrr! Gives me the shivers!