Thursday, February 4, 2010


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Join the CARTOONISTAS and some special guests at GEEKS comics in Whittier on Saturday Feb 6th as we SAL-A-BRATE owner Sal's birthday! Live art! Music! Snacks! Fun for the whole familia! Free! Tell a friend! Tell two!


Anonymous said...

Great Ghettomation show. Raul is Sgt Rock with a pencil. 15 years at Disney. Not many guys can say that.
17 minutes into the show..Raul discuss a pitch meeting. He says. "they asked me a question.." and the audio goes dead with bleeps. I am confused as to what happened. What did they ask him that caused them to NOT buy from him? It seems like the pitch is going well, it's a good idea..he has 15 years at Disney..all seems well....and they ask him this question (which is bleeped out)..and the deal is dead.??????
I can't figure it out. What transpired? What did they ask him that queered the pitch? Was this a joke? Did i miss the joke?
Seems like he had a deal, and then this happens. So what happened? What did they ask him?
Thanks for the show. Good stuff. I will have to try Toon Boom. I like the camera feature in Toon Boom, but of course After Effects does this as well. You can import SWF's into AE and using alpha channels and layers, compose anything on the x,y, axis. Any camera move is possible with AE in this regard.

Jim Lujan said...

Raul had me beep the school names. They were art schools and because he didn't go to one, they lost interest right away. It was like a good ol' boys club.