Thursday, July 22, 2010


Aloha Liquor is one of the locales in my next ghettomation, HITTIN' SWITCHEZ. In this cartoon, I'll introduce you to the Nasty Habitz car club and will take you to the exotic local of Hawaiian Gardens, Ca. Hittin' Switchez refers to the switches used to make the cars bounce. Come on, you've seen a Dr. Dre video, haven't you? Live a little! I'm shooting for the 4 minute mark with this one so it should be packed full of.....well, probably what you expect and have grown to love about my films. Stay tooned!


Sherm said...

What a gorgeous background. No one captures the inspired bleakness of the SoCal strip mall like you.

Jim Lujan said...

I love that compliment. I really enjoy doing the backgrounds. They are the "rhythm section" of my music. My music being "weird cool cartoons".

Thanks, Sherm!