Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lunatic Fringe by Gras

Congrats to my friend Gras Rodriguez, fellow animator/Cartoonista. She finished her very first comic book. LUNATIC FRINGE. Its going to be available later this year via her website and Kablam printing. I did a pin up for the book, although, I still haven't seen the inside contents. Gras gave me (and Javier Hernandez and Raul Aguirre Jr) a general idea of what the mood of her book was, then she told us go at it. Make me a pin up. You can see Jav's here. I'll ask Gras if it's cool to post mine. Gras is super excited to share this book with the public. September 2010, the book will be released. Just in time for APE in San Francisco. Gras just happens to be sharing a table with me (I'll be selling my Ghettomation DVDs!). Congrats! You go Gras!

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