Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Well, sometimes you gotta go back and tweak your art a bit. I usually don't but I felt Paleface was missing a beat, just slightly. I went back and added subtle music during some of the scenes and shortened the cartoon up a bit. Tightened it up. I'm really happy with it now. Going back and fixing things is something I rarely do, but I felt Paleface deserved it. I George Lucas'd it. Yes, I did edit out the "Cooper" scene HOWEVER....Paleface, the full version (with the Cooper scene)will be available on my next DVD. Can you say "exclusive DVD version"? Stay tuned for details on that.

So here it is. My shorter, better PALEFACE. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

The 2nd link on your link list is a dead link sir.

Jim Lujan said...


PS...I like this version of Paleface more than my first.

Jim Lujan said...

ADD 140 hits onto this video. I took it down from YouTube when it had that many and reposted it.