Sunday, August 15, 2010

Claremont Packing House Animation Show

I was a last minute guest of the Packing House Animation Show in Claremont. I really didn't think my schedule was going to allow me to make it this time around, but as fate would have it, some things got pushed back and I was able to make the show. Very last minute. I screened NEW WAVE DENTIST (first time in public) and DJ DISRESPECT. The packing house is such a beautiful building. Its really nice to show our films in such a nice atmosphere. Thanks to Chris Petersen for setting this up. It was great seeing my Cartoonista buddies Raul, Gras, and Luis there as well as Chris Petersen and Scott Essman. Had a great time. There is talk of us putting together a Rose Bowl animation show in conjunction with the monthly flea market- - but more on that later!

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thisismine. thatisyours. said...

cool man!

also this will peak your interest I'm sure in coming out to vegas again. now that cool things are sprouting up here and there. TAKE A LOOK!