Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tonight at the Funky Rooster

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If you're in Burbank, I hear the Funky Rooster throws a mean "Buck Wild Nite"! Dollar body shots and old school jams all night long. DJ Styley will be spinning. Should be a blast!


Anonymous said...

It's time you admit that there are 4 of you doing all this work.
As Kevin Cross pointed out, "It's easy for Jim Lujan." Since you only have a full time job and record your own music, sounds and dailogue and you draw and animate. That is obviously easy. Kevin on the other hand, since he lacks a fulltime job, he find himself unable to focus on his projects. If he had a fulltime job, then it would all work smoothly. I don't understand the idea, but it is an idea. Could it be, just possibly, just maybe, that he is actually too busy to create work? And just can't admit it?

Anonymous said...

If I hear one more talk about Monsters are Go I think I will jump off a bridge.

Anonymous said...

Maybe less podcasting and cartoons and more drawing? That might help him finish a project of two.