Sunday, October 31, 2010

More Bill Plympton fun

Jose "Crying Macho Man" Cabrera, Bill Plympton, and Jim Lujan parlaying by the snack bar.

Jim Lujan, Bill Plympton, Raul Aguirre Jr, and Ken Mora just chilling out all LA style and such.

Friday night I had the opportunity to attend the LA premiere of Idiots and Angels, Bill Plympton's amazing hand drawn feature film. I found out about it through Ken Mora (film maker in his own right), and I introduced Raul Aguirre to Ken, and Raul worked his magic and that's how we got to interview Bill at his hotel the other day. A dazzling chain of events. Jose Cabrera, my good friend, joined us for the screening (which made the night all that more fun). Let me say that Idiots and Angels is truly amazing. Awe inspiring. I highly recommend going to the Laemmle's Sunset 5 and check it out. I was sitting there thinking "This is all coming out of one man's mind and onto his page by hand"! You have to see it to believe it!

To cap the evening off, Jose, Leann, and myself went to Canter's Deli and had knishes, matzo ball soup,and fizz sodas. Awesome! Check out the trailer for the film:

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Ken Mora said...

Great night, and the best film Bill has made yet - and that says a lot.
Cool to hang with the Ghettomation gang and Bill was really happy to finally meet you all.