Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Real Life AlphaNerd?!

Yup! This pic was taken at my booth at the SGV Comic Book Show. Actually, it's my friend Alex's costume and was a huge coincidence. We know there are really no coincidences, though. So, I take full credit. Can you imagine a live action AlphaNerd film? The Dork Detective would rock on the big screen. Write your congressman and lets get this thing done! Thanks for the pic, Alex!


Girl With Chalk said...

That's cool!

Anonymous said...

That is cool. Awesome.
I would be interested in helping shoot the film. I think the guy from the film Office Space Richard Riehle ... Tom Smykowski was the character..would be great in the part. Or Stephan Root, who played the nerd in OFfice Space. Maybe both are too old now? But either of them would be genius in the role. I know you are not "up" for the torture of making a live film (it's rough) but..Alpha Nerd would be a darling of the Film Circuit..and bring you lots of fame and stuff. If you write it, I will help. I have an editing bay here that can handle 100 hours of film and not choke.