Friday, December 17, 2010

Highland Park artwork

click for a larger version

Highland Park (Los Angeles). Artwork from the the upcoming cartoon Legend of Bobby Churro. So far, this is having a very "Seven Smiles" feel....except west coast this time. My brother Bobby (fitting name) recorded the vocals for the theme song last week. Hilarious stuff!


Anonymous said...

The art is improving along with your editing, pacing, et all. I wonder what kinds of things you will be making 10 years from now? Something to look forward to. Keep going Jim. I think it's awesome that you produce these great cartoons, work a full time job, travel, promote and so on. A true example of "get it done" attitude. That makes you one in a million.

Daniel E said...

Hey Jim. Are Ted's Super Monster Attacks book available online to buy? They look great. I can't find any reference on his blog (or any place)on where an individual can purchase them. Can you help? Does Ted sell them? Or only in person?? Thank you in advance.

gonzobee said...

HP Representin'!