Monday, December 27, 2010

Bobby Churro teaser/ 300 subscribers?

Well, I'm almost at 300 subscribers on YouTube. Think I'll make it by new year? Will it change the world? Will it keep our streets safe at night? Will it bring world peace? Will it reunite the pop group WHAM?

The answer to all questions is yes.

Tell a friend, subscribe to my YouTube page and be the first to see the LEGEND of BOBBY CHURRO. Be part of the in crowd. All the cool kids are doing it.  Give in to the pressure. Give in to the pleasure.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to the webs #1 animator! Another great year for you Jim. The first DVD year!!! Yowza!

Jim Lujan said...

Looking forward to making 2011 a positive experience.

Anonymous said...

Love the new S&M dog collar on Mark Rudolph's twitter photo. That is awesome. I could not make that kind of stuff up nor is there anything anyone could say or do, to make him look for like a key west "leather boy". Brilliant. Freddy Mercury has nothing on Mark.

Jim Lujan said...

Dan, Not sure this is the place to bag on Mark. I was gonna delete it but I know you are least I THINK you are.

Anonymous said...

I am just joking. But you can delete and I won't be offended. Mark is the one guy, that I think can take a joke, I think. He is not the shy sensitive type. He seems wired to NOT sweat the small stuff. That is one incredible twitter pic. I am sure he knows it.

And he produces some great comics very consistently. He loves heavy metal and does not apologize for it. I can actually respect that. I like that sort of passion and attitude. He walks the walk.