Sunday, January 23, 2011


Where do I begin? Last night the "We Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges" animation show went off at GEEKS Comics in Whittier. It was a huge success. I think it was the biggest and most well received show we've done yet. The media was there...and by the media I mean a really pretty woman interviewing us. I'll let you know when the footage is online.

The pre-show mixer was a hit. It even went over-time. The show started a little bit late because we had so many people mingling. That was a good thing. Thanks to everyone who hung out and made the show such a good time. I think a lot of new friends were made this night.

What can I say about our emcee Raul Aguirre, Jr? Comedy genius, that's what!! He really kept the show flowing and brought the big time funny with his banter. He came out decked out in his Mexican Revolutionary gear and gave a rousing speech about do it yourself indie animation. Awesome. It'll be on YouTube soon. His Citizen Sanchez shorts totally floored the crowd. People laughed hysterically. Raul, you did us proud!

And of course, we had the ladies...our ladies. I was soooo happy my beautiful wife Leann (left) was there. It makes these events infinity better for me having her there. That's what it's all about. The fact that she arrived right after that good looking lady interviewed me was just a coincidence.  :) 

Ted Seko, super-artist, made his public animation debut!! Yes, the king of the super monsters rocked the crowd with his Super Monsters Cartoon Show. His style really stood out and showed off Ted's uniqueness and his mastery of the action figure. Funny and cool. I'm so proud of you, Ted. You totally deserve it! Check out Ted's clip here!

A packed house. Every seat was full and we had standing room only. Lots of folks I had never met before. It was really nice seeing old friends and family, too. These animation shows are becoming a great exuse for socializing (and you get to see some cool toons, too). I heard from several attendees that this was the best show so far. I ran the DVD projector and it was a flawless machine, (thanks NUVEIN).Without Nuvein, this show literally could'nt happen.

The Legend of Bobby Churro made it's public audience debut at the show. I was very happy with the reception. A few of my friends told me this has become their favorite cartoon of mine. I think it's one of mine too. It's silly but has some heart. Its finding a pretty wide audience too...boxing fans AND cartoon fans. My Brother Bob did a great job voicing Churro and singing the theme song.

Speaking of debuts; My good buddy Jose Cabrera made his animation debut at Stinkin' Badges. He showed a mix of his Crying Macho Man gags (which I helped voice). Very old school vaudville style jokes....rapid fire...pure comedy! It was a smash! He really nailed the humor and the audience dug his short. Very proud moment for my friend. Well done!

I made a new buddy that evening. Dominic Polcino. He's worked on the Simpsons and Family Guy. His own animation is BRILLIANT! So good it helped this fest shine! Lovesick Fool is his own creation and it just works. Period. Again, I highly recommend you check his stuff out. I hope he is involved in our future shows. I think he will be. He seemed to have a good time.

And there they are....the evening's animators (the ones in attendance).
(L-R) Dominic Polcino, Raul Aguirre jr, Gras Rodriguez, Jim Lujan, Steve Sievers, Jose Cabrera, Ted Seko, and Ken Mora

Again, thaks to everyone that came out and thanks to GEEKS and NUVEIN for helping to make this happen.  We didn't need any stinkin' badges, but we sure needed all of your support!



thefusionman said...

Great show Jim! You really knocked it out of the park. I'm really proud to have been a part of it! Great showing of animation!

Jim Lujan said...

Thanks Ted. This is just the beginning,man. There are so many other levels we can reach. We really believe in what we are doing...that's pretty powerful stuff! You are a part of it.

Javier Hernandez said...

A really fun evening. It was a pleasure to have seen so many different styles of animation. And closing with Bill Plymtons 'The Cow who wished he was a Hamburger' was perfect!

The event was FREE! So shame on all of those people who stayed home and watched DR. WHO or something.

It was nice to just be a spectator. But even then, you guys gave me two public shout-outs. And some young kid came with his mom to meet me! He had questions about making comics. How'd he know I was gonna be there???

Mike Garvey said...

I so wish I could have been there for it! Looks like it was a great show! You rock!!

Jose Cabrera said...

Jim-mitty Jim. You da man! Like Ted said I'm super proud to be included with these talentosos!! I'm stoked for the next fest. My brain is already cooking up some new toons!!!!