Friday, March 11, 2011

Art of Enfuego

So here are a few shots from my latest cartoon Enfuego. If you haven't seen it, catch it while you can (just scroll down a few posts or click HERE). Enfuego will be removed from the web pretty soon ad only available on DVD.  Meanwhile, enjoy some art from the film!

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Bill Moran torturing his nerd brethren with his bullying game tactics.
Life sucks when your constipated.
Officer Perez (right) keeping a shady eye on the seedy world.
JUstice wears a mask and lives with's the Alphanerd!
Your very worst nightmare.
You don't lie to the fuzz.


Anonymous said...

Crazy funny film.

Jim Lujan said...

Thanks. It was an interesting experiment. Came out pretty good, if I must say.