Saturday, March 5, 2011

Coming soon: ENFUEGO!

Enfuego poster (Click for larger view)
Yup. Hot on the heels of Hard Crumbler comes my next animated misadventure. ENFUEGO. This one will feature a few familiar faces in it. Basically, Enfuego is the story of how the the actions of a peeping Tom affect the lives of some oddball characters. Something different, yet familiar. Why the title Enfuego? Stick around until the end and find out! Longtime collaborator Nissim Leon lends his voice (as the Bathroom Buddy) and Big Bill Moran voices a character as well (Bill actually plays himself). I think you guys will enjoy it. Look for it Sunday evening. Tell a friend, tell the press! You have been warned!

Catch it Sunday night at and subscribe (if you haven't already)! While you're at it, subscribe to this blog, too! You can do that by clicking the link in the top right corner of this website.


Anonymous said...

One man Walt Disney! Pretty Awesome Jim.

Jim Lujan said...

The Ghetto Disney!