Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Flashback: COME TO DADDY

My 2007 cartoon, Come to Daddy. I watched this today. Hadn't seen it in a while.  I just realized this has over ten thousand views. Nice! This has all the elements of a classic Jim Lujan Ghettomation cartoon..nerds, strippers, bouncers, pawn shops, a theme song sung by Nissim....what more could anyone want? It's the story of a desperate strip bar patron and his undying love for a dancer named Roxy. This cartoon was animated using After Effects. I recorded two theme songs for this one, choosing Nissim's version as the final. So seedy, so durrty. Dig it. Great job, Nissim.  And yes, that bouncer is modeled after street fighter Kimbo Slice. No real reason, just feelin' kinda Kimbo that day.


The very classy STRIP CITY. Guess what they serve there...that's right, Sparky; Strippers.
You must never fall in love with the dancer. That is the first rule of the creepy strip bar patron manual.
Prince isn't the only entertainer skilled in the art of high heel acrobatics.
Strip bar cameos: My buddies Nissim, George, and Cousin Mike. Class acts.
The pawn shop owner. I don't think I gave her a name, but I DID give her a mullet.

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