Thursday, January 19, 2012

Animation Saves the World! January 21st!

JANUARY 21, 2012 Whittier, CA-
2012...the end of the world? Hold your 4 horses of the Apocalypse...ANIMATION is here to SAVE THE WORLD! Geeks Comics and Ghettomation present an indie animation show that will make you laugh your end of days away!

Come on by for the mixer at 6:30 then the show!!


Drew Toonz said...

Jim Lujan is an animation GOD!

Anonymous said...

Jim, 2 years ago you wrote an animated film that was made by Krishna S into a film. It is possible to see that completed film? Was it completed? On his blog he is in the midst of making it, then never posts again about the project.

Jim Lujan said...

Ive seen some of it and he did a really good job. I should get t for one of the fests!

Anonymous said...

Not completed then?