Sunday, March 11, 2012

Live Art @ EVE Photos

FOR SALE: "909- Land of the Bros"
FOR SALE:"Rock Star Frida"

We had a great crowd that night at EVE. Lots of energy. Between the artists and the constant flow of patrons, the place was really buzzing. I got to play DJ that night, so the set list was something like: Ramones, Prince, Duran Duran , Sammy Davis Jr, Abba, get the picture.

FOR SALE:"Wonderful (Stevie 1975)"

FOR SALE:"Pure Love"

This very nice person is the new owner of "ANDY", my painting. Thanks so much for picking this up. I'd love to see a pic of the wall it goes up on!

SOLD: "Sgt Peppers".....Nikki Owens is the new owner of this art, thanks Nikki!

FOR SALE:"Party Mode"

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