Thursday, November 19, 2009

Back on the Idiot Engine

I was honored again (second time) to be a guest on my friend Ted Seko's Idiot Engine podcast. The topic: "How do you Learn How?". We talked about the different ways we learn, making mistakes, piers, cartoons, Devil-Man, filmmaking, day jobs, Day of the Unicorn, trauma, trying new things, and everything in between.

Check it below!


Miss Go Lightly said...

I just finished listening to the podcast funny guy! Great hearing your voice friend. Hopefully I'll get to see you and the missus one of these days! I'm loving the Day of the Unicorn =D

Jim Lujan said...

Thanks! Ted is one of the nicest humans you could ever meet. Its funny to look at Leann's face when I do interviews (she's like "Oh brother") . Man, THAT keeps me grounded....hahaha! Can't fool the Misses. We miss you too!