Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day of the Unicorn Four Facts

FACT ONE: If you've seen my latest epic...err...I mean film, DAY OF THE UNICORN, there are many things that you might have missed first pass around. For example, Javier Hernandez (far left) Kevin Cross and Mark Rudolph (hugging) all make cameos in this film. Kevin, Mark and Raul Aguirre Jr even do background voices for me. They were all model prisoners.

FACT TWO: Many of the prisoners in the film sport Unicornian tattoos. No more gangs, racial separation, no more violence...unless of course, you aren't Unicornian. Then you're screwed.

FACT THREE: During the prison riot, Jerzy Drodz makes a quick (very quick) escape. What is he in prison for? Art supply grand theft or unlawful analysis I'm sure. Go Jerzy.

Four Facts The bald guy with the "macho" neck tattoo is none other than Jose "Crying Macho Man" Cabrera. The gentleman with the light brown hair (stripe on shirt) is Mike Aushenker. Both are my artist buddies and both are criminally good.

FACT FOUR: Warden Bob Figgs is a kindly southern gent. Part Don Knotts, part John Waters, part William H. Macy. Those are lots of parts. His prisoners have accused him of having lady parts if you get my d-r-i-f-t.

Them there is the go watch DAY OF THE UNICORN. You have been warned!


Anonymous said...

The application (finding the correct version on the site) is tricky.
This is the link to the 2009 contest that closes Dec 31, 2009.
Loved the shots of "Art and Story" club in your movie. Too cool. Looks just like them! lol!

Anonymous said...

And despite what it says the contest is running to Dec 2009. I can't find the page where in the contest is extended..but it is..
I am 100% sure of it.

Anonymous said...

I watched this a few times to analyze your film making. The haunting whistling at the end of the film ties all that together as the riot starts. And the whistling makes it so funny.
Very very well done.
Next thing I noticed:
The voice over as the film we see shots of the prison in the rain..great "voice lap over" to being us into the film.
Your sense of "timing" is really good on this one Jim. The editing/directing is great.
The art. Funny and well colored. You have your own style. It works. Funny to look at and each person is so well realized (as if they were real people).
So many quick shots in this one. Very very well done. You continue to be a good film maker.
If they are really "judging" the Playboy animation have a good chance of winning I do believe. It is open till Dec 2009.

Greenblatt the Great! said...

Adding to this brudda's analysis, I also love the simple effects you achieve, like the flickering of the building, reflecting the fire. Or Warden Figgs' reflection in the window. All kinds of little tricks. Awesome!

The two ugliest mugs in the entire film are the Cartoon Flophouse boys. Glad they're incarcerated!