Friday, December 4, 2009

Jim by Luis

This is artist (and fellow Cartoonista) Luis Escobar's rendition of me. Hey...Yo...its New York Jimmy! Firget-aboud-it! Y'know what I'm sayin'? Y'Hear? I like this pic because he makes me look Fonz-esque. Good job Luis!

And this is me and Luis hanging out at a Cartoonistas get-together (tonight). Luis, besides being such a nice dude, is an artist on the Simpson's TV show (16 years!). He also worked on the movie. One of the coolest guys you could ever meet. He has Christ-like good looks, too!


David said...

That's a great illustration of you!

Jim Lujan said...

LUIS is the BOMB. LUIS is the SH**. LUIS is a cartoon gangsta. LUIS rocks with the thunder of 1000 Norse Gods on acid.

He is the real deal Holyfeild.