Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jim on JustinTV!

Watch live video from jlucartoons on Justin.tv
Check it out, kids- I did a little coloring demo on JustinTV. This is a free website where you can share your desktop or video from your webcam and make sort of a channel for it. This was my second round at broadcasting. Very fun. Thanks to everyone who tuned in. I'll let you know when I'm going to do it again. I'll be showing my animation method soon too.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you can add an audio commentary describing what you were doing? Is that a high resolution image? Is that psd or some other software? That would be helpful. Sort of a play by play about your coloring process.

Anonymous said...

Yes, an audio track would be great. I kept waiting for you to speak.

Jim Lujan said...

Still learning the technique of broadcasting and talking while coloring. Next round I'll do more ply by play. Thanks to everyone that watched.