Saturday, January 2, 2010


This week's email is from super artist and metal master Mark Rudolph. Mark is co-host of the Art and Story podcast and artist/creator of such cool books as John Oxbow and Closing Doors.

Mark writes:

Mr. Lujan-

How do I get as big and strong as you? Also could you model how you come up with characters? Either artistically or through voice?

-Mark Rudolph, Junior Lujan in Training

Well Lil' Marky, Eat your spinach and do lots of chin ups. Also, randomly punch men in dive bars. I find that helps to keep the edge. As far as character designs go, If I draw a character, lets say in my sketchbook, and they have a characteristic that jumps out at me (like if they look mean) I'll expand on that. Sometimes they create themselves. Happy accidents. Whatever the case, it always starts with a small spark of an idea. I usually don't sit down and try and consciously design a character from thin air. Sometimes I'll see something on TV or in a movie and that will spark an idea for a character.The voice just comes from what I think they look like they would sound/act like. Its a constantly regenerating cycle. As far as fuel for character creation goes, I just look around me. So-Cal is good for that. Then it's all about creating the backstory...all from a little spark.

This guy's design was inspired by...

This guy. Character actor supreme Luis Guzman.

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