Saturday, December 26, 2009

Seven Smiles Preview Poster

Still chipping away at the new film. It has a very New York City vibe. Its sort of a gangster tale, but not your typical action flick or mob flick. It takes place in 1982 NYC and is about a hitman who isn't very good at his job. The new cartoon will be out early 2010 and has been a really good way for me to learn some new things . I'm still refining my cartooning/animation methods. Never stop learning. Never stop making mistakes . Never surrender. Never mind the bollocks. Never say never. Never Neverland.


Luis said...

Can't wait. Never had that much patience.

Anonymous said...

Looks good Jim. Take your time. After seeing your films on my big screen tv (thanks for the disc) I can truthfully say..YOutube does NOT do them justice. The art, color and everything are SO much better on the big (tv) screen.
The poster looks great and the art continues to improve. Great colors.

Jim Lujan said...

Seven Smiles is turning out to be my most loose cartoon yet. Very flexible in the creation method I'm using. It's being pieced together like a collage almost, scene by scene. Should be fun.