Friday, February 19, 2010

AlphaNerd pics

The heroic AlphaNerd opening credits pic. He almost looks noble, huh? Millions of kids will have this poster hanging in their bedrooms, you just watch!

Inside the Den of the Beer Thieves, with the Beer Thieves themselves. I thought the lighting came out really good in this scene. You kind of get the feel that your hanging in a seedy den.

The vicious guard dog, Marcus...named after my own dog, who is much less ferocious. If Snoopy smoked crystal meth- this is what he would look like.

Hood rat backing it up to the delight of the Beer Thieves. Notice A-Nerd in the window. He was kind of a peeping Tom in the first movie, too. I think a behavior pattern may be forming here.

The cop on the RIGHT is based on Oliver Tull, comedian/improv master/cartoonist/animator/all around awesome guy. A good friend of mine. Officer O.T. get the job DONE!

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