Saturday, March 13, 2010

Freakdaddy preview # 2

This one is a big ol' scene from my upcoming cartoon FREAKDADDY. It will be premiering at the Ghettomation Pomona animation festival. Enjoy! Subscribe on youtube!


Anonymous said...

Another festival! You are the one man promotion machine Jim. Well done. And another new cartoon! If you keep up this pace for a few more years... you will have like..over 100 cartoons. That alone..will set you apart from anyone you can think of that creates animated shorts...and-- almost anything. Most people call it quits very quickly when they find out that there is work involved. You are very prolific. And you hold down a full time job! whoa..Hats off to you. To all those that don't have "time" to make stuff, you are the example of the guy that actually does it.
Where is that DVD?

Anonymous said...

Jim never has an excuse. If he had no computer, we would still find a way to animate. Nothing can stop this guy.
His track record has proven this fact.
Some people can't be stopped.

Jim Lujan is one of these very rare unstoppable types.

This trait, to complete projects, is very rare. Much more rare than talent. More rare than almost any trait I can think of.

Lot's of talented people, I mean super talented people, go years and years and never create anything. That is a shame.

They wish they could create something, but there is always something...stopping them.
And guess what? Something always will stop them.

Not a knock, just a fact. Talent, even buckets of it, is no indication of the ability to complete projects. Or even attempt them.

Most people, collect a pay check and quietly sit at home.

Nothing worong with that, they worked all day and deserve the rest.
Few and I mean very very few, actually complete a personal project.

Jim is a rare guy. He is driven. That is not a choice I will bet. Like some are driven NOT to complete and can't really do it if they wanted to..Jim has no choice.
He is a "true" artist--compelled to create.
Not for money, but because it's an expression of who he is.
We are just lucky that he can complete projects. That makes him one is a zillion.
If you ever had to bet on someone actually producing something..Jim would be the safe bet.

Anonymous said...

Part of success is being prolific. Jim is well on his way creating an animation dynasty.

No one but Jim Lujan will make 5 or more animated cartoons this year. It's Feb and he has 2 in the can.

The man is a creative force of nature.