Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ghettomation Pomona Pics

I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had the Ghettomation poster hanging at the DA gallery in downtown Pomona. Now I can finally say I have had art displayed at the DA.

Bob Pece is the artist that lent us his home/gallery/studio to have the event. What a wonderful host he was. We had a full house but Bob made us al feel very at home. It was cool to see how everyone mingled and hung out before and after the show.

I did the kick off intro. You can check out a full wrap up on the Ghettomation podcast (will be posted week of 29th).

View from the screen pre-show.

Thank you to everybody that came out and showed support for some really cool indie animation. All of us animators appreciate your attendance. Hope you had fun. I know we all did! We'll be doing this again sometime , but at a BIGGER venue. Stay tuned for mre.

PS...we have a Ghettomation emailing-list going. More details on that soon, as well as a wrap up for FREAKDADDY and how it did at it's festival premiere (hint: it rocked). Stay tuned!

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