Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tour the New Wave Dentist's house

Deep in the Hollywood Hills lies the less than humble futuristic modernistic estate of the New Wave Dentist. Some say it was designed by famed neo-Euro architect Albert Fershlinger, but that has never been confirmed. What has been confirmed is that this sleek streamline stylistic masterpiece contains more glass and chrome than the set of the Love Boat.

Inside the main entertainment room you will find many of the accruements that make the NWD tick. His art collection is staggering. His retro tape machines gives him that cold steel audio tone that he craves from his vast music collection. Speaking of music, you will find this vintage concert poster for the early 80's Swiss synth pioneers the Swizzle Stik Army. They once ruled the European airwaves with their electro creations, but now I heard that one of them works at the Radio Shack in Studio City.

Every doctor needs a lab, and the NWD's lab happens to be his state of the art living room. Classic synthesizer, red bricked wall, and streamlined kitchen all complete the ultimate bachelor pad. It has been said that this couch has seen more action than a cigarette machine at a rehab center.
The upstairs area is a bit of a mystery. Usually only the stray supermodel will get to see that area, so we wont go there. The hall gives way to a breathtaking view of the Los Angeles skyline. The bath is a refuge from the stressful world outside. A place where a dentist can chill after he drills.
And if one is lucky enough, you just may catch a glimpse of the good doctor. Usually decked out in his high fashion new wave couture, hair slicked back, pale white flesh, and a dour expression on his sucked in cheekbone face. He is often seen strapped with keyboard like an old west gun slinger....or at least an old West Hollywood gun slinger.

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