Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Return from the Planet of the APE

Well, I'm back from APE....the Alternative Press Expo, and let me tell you, it was quite the show.
Jam packed with crowds of people and really cool vendors selling really interesting goods. What a great building the Concourse Center is too. Nice sunlight and temperature. Great place for a show.

Oh yes there were BABES there. I'm even married to one of them!

Speaking of babes, here we are Kevin Cross, Jim Lujan, and Raul Aguirre, jr....hosts of the Ghettomation Podcast. All together for the first time ever. The universe did not stop, either!

Buds? Yes there were buddies galore. I even ran into my good pal artist Dave Crosland!
Lookee there...its 7 Cartoonistas! Gras, Raul, Javier, Jose, Bernyce, Me, and Michael! Where's Doc? Grumpy? Bashful? I guess I was Sneezy because I was sick! Great timing huh? Get sick AT a show, Nice going Jim!

Dinner at possibly the best Mexican food place in SF....El Farolito! So good!

Friends and family! Just like the phone plan!

A crazy weekend filled with crazy people in a crazy town. I will do it all again next year. I learned some old fashioned sellin' tricks! Thank you to the Berranti family for hosting Leann and myself. Again, family...got to love them!


chris.k said...

Great seeing you and all the cool cats at the show Jim!
Diggin the DVDs and 'Conversatio' was especially awesome dude.

Jim Lujan said...

THanks, Chris! Really great seeing you too! Thanks again for picking up the DVDs!

Kevin Cross said...

Let's do it again next weekend!