Tuesday, May 17, 2011

THe Art of Rod Rosse

Click images for larger versions.
Inside the Mantiger bar....anyone look familiar?
Rod Rosse in Wilmington. This house needs serious lawn care.
The mysterious Damien Cavanaugh lives the life of luxury aboard his yacht the "D.C.".
Hey mister bartender...how 'bout another "white spider"?
The creepy rider comes a callin'.
Rod Rosse couldn't do his job without Ma'...God bless her.
Your new boyfriend.
Badgered by the Unicorn Youth.
Click images for larger versions.


Girl With Chalk said...

Very colorful! I'm talking about the characters.....!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice interview on S and A. You were very funny. Good job.

Jim Lujan said...

Thanks! I'm almost impressed with MYSELF! :)

Anonymous said...

When you teased Jerzey I actually did stand up and give you a wave. Well done. You showed great reserve. However the man vs art crossover with BIG ILL-PArty time, was the best show of the year. I have listened to that one several times. Joshua Kimble is my hero. He has completed that 4 year graphic novel and that is awesome. No rush job. He crafted a very fine book over years. That takes a very special kind of person. When he went into that part of the talk (about 14 minutes in), I was very surprised. as in Very. And Raul jumped right in. Wow. That was the most honest show and inspiring of the year.
Raul is the man as we know. A bullshit free zone, like a cone of silence, surrounds Raul. And it's cool.

Anonymous said...

36.22 into it not 14. Hats off to Joshua.

Jim Lujan said...

I tease Jerzy Drozd, but I really do think he is an outstanding interviewer and a wonderful artist. He keeps things moving. He also has his heart in the right place. I'll never back down from my beliefs, but it is so important for me to keep an open mind. Jerzy is a kind person and open minded.

Josh? Yes, he is a sweet soul. Nicest guy. Such a talented dude.

Raul? he is the king of all podcasts. Period. Super talented.

Anonymous said...

All agreed. There is nothin to back down from. Your beliefs are accurate. They are a crew of nice fellows. So is Josh and his drive to complete his book is cool.
In life I have noticed there are those that play a good game and those that talk about it. Good intentions are important. But they don't replace dicipline and action. I have had to cut many "Nice" people from jobs and so on, because their performance, was not what we needed. Someone like Josh that can work on a project for a long period is unique. In any field. Sadly 99% of most people that start anything, fail to complete. It's not an "artist" issue, it's a human issue. People have very "good intentions" but lack the planning, skill and drive to ultimately complete their goal. That is why what Josh did is so unique.
4 years on one project! That is incredible. Most people can't last 2 weeks. Again, not a judgement, just a fact. It's very hard to complete projects for 99% of most people. If you disagree with that, I can live it. Cause you are wrong. Most people (not you) struggle to complete anything. And most people, can't focus on anything long term.

You are driven to produce. You are less than 1%. I can't name anyone that has produced more stuff than you regarding animation. Talking the talk is one thing. You actually make stuff, for years now.
That is the achievement.