Friday, January 28, 2011

Actors Reporter interview

Click on the pic to see the interview!

Yup the media blitz continues. Here is the footage from the Stinkin' Badges show where we were interviewed by the Actors Reporter. Good times...Enjoy!


David said...

Great video. "I'm rebelling as we speak." It's been too long since we've hung out.

Jim Lujan said...
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Jim Lujan said...

What else is such a rebellious rebel rebelling against the rebellion in such a rebellious manner supposed to say!?

PS.....Miss you too, Dave. Good times.

Raul Aguirre Jr. said...

Dude you look like Paul Rodriguez in that pic!

You came off smooth in the interview.

Did you notice how Javier magically pulled his comic book out of thin air?

I believe he has El Muerto powers.