Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bench Warrant/Ghettomation Garden-Back in the Saddle!

Breaking news from Ghettomation-Land... While once sold out....Bench Warrant and Ghettomation Garden DVDs ARE NOW ONCE AGAIN AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE....WOOOO HOOO!! NEW BATCH PRINTED! FREE SHIPPING!! REJOICE AND CONSUME! HUG SOMEBODY!! COME ON GIRL DO THAT DANCE!!

Bench Warrant, Flight O' Freaks, Ghettomation Garden, and the just released Shady People DVDs are all available at the Ghettomation Store up top of this site. Packed full of ORIGINAL INDIE CARTOONS such as John Henry Unicorn, Up In My Grill, The Alphanerd, The Test Drivers, New Wave Dentist, Mama Im a Thug, and many more all by yours truly! They make great gifts and even better frisbees!

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