Monday, July 4, 2011

Laguna Hi De Ho Pics

Yesterday the Hi De Ho Laguna event was a lot of fun. First, ,the store s in a great location. You can see the beach from the front door. Secondly, the staff was super nice. They really made us feel welcomed. Saleem (owner) thanks for having us. Most of all, it was great hanging out with friends. I got a sneak peek of what selling at San Diego Comic-con (in 2.5 weeks) will be like. A microcosm sneek peek. Best of all, my wife Leann (and friends Linda and Bill) stopped by and we hung out after the show. We all (12 of us) ended up having dinner at a place right on the beach). It was a blast....very fitting for the 4th of July weekend.

Hi De Ho Laguna Beach...what a beautiful day!
Does anyone else notice it says "Fartist" signing?
Definetly a highlite was meeting Carlos Saldana, creator of "Burrito". He bought all 4 DVDs! What a guy!!
Theres Gras...representin' P-Town!
Me and the Gumbster. He was once just a little green ball of clay.
The world's of GHOULA and CARTOON FLOPHOUSE collide. Mike Aushenker (L) was instrumental in this event.
Jose Cabrera is my long lost brother. We argue as to which of us is illegitimate.
Bill Moran exhibiting exquisite taste.
Leann hanging with the furry creature....and Mike.
Will C. Creator of Bat Bat and cage fighter supreme. I sat with Will. He rocks.
Rafael Navarro (Sonombulo creator) shot through the outside Bugsy Siegel.
People who need people. Thanks to all who attended.
My new pal Lonnie Millsap talking to Jose. Both of these guys are my stunt doubles at my booth. Thanks!


Javier Hernandez said...

Looks like you folks had a jam-packed event! Kinda like GEEKS CON, but at HI DE HO.

Onwards to San Diego!

Jim Lujan said...

It was a lot of fun. Of course you were missed.

Jose Cabrera said...

Javier, it was tons of fun. Looking forward to seeing you at SDCC cabron!!!