Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sketch-A-Palooza video

Jose Cabrera
Jim Lujan
Javier Hernandez
Geo Brawn
Raul Aguirre Jr
Gras Rodriguez & Leann Lujan (face painting)
Rafael Navarro (and God-Son)
Neil Segura
Steve Romo
Ted Seko
Linda Lee


Javier Hernandez said...


Dude, you really nailed it with this video!! Filmed and edited with music within hours. I had a great time, Jimmy, and honestly, it felt great to gather so many of our fine Cartoonistas together. There were plenty of happy kids at the event! And thanks to GEEKS for hosting and for the great pizza, too!

Jim Lujan said...

It was the perfect day. I feel like we did a good thing.